Sick of paying processing fees?

Frequent small dollar amount transactions got your processing fees up and profit down? The cash discount or “zero-fee” model might be the right model for your business!

See how offering a cash discount can save you from paying processing fees.

The Problem

Rewards Cards

A tremendous increase of customers nationwide paying with credit cards to earn points/miles/cash are leaving merchants picking up the tab for the cardholder rewards.

Call us to learn more about this program, and see if it’s right for your business.
The Solution

Offer a Cash Discount

The new alternative is Cash Discount. What is it? A cash discount is when a business increases its items being sold by 3.99% (or lower) and in turn offers a 3.99% discount to customers who pay with cash and check instead of a credit card.

Cash Discount Model
You Pay$0.00
Customer Pays3.99%
Customer's Bill$100.00
3.99% Fees Applied$3.99
Customer Pays$103.99
You Receive$100
Processor Receives$3.99
Processing Fees you Pay $0.00

Do I Have to Reprice ALL Items in My Store?

The answer is NO. Our provided credit card solution automatically adds the 4% convenience fee to all credit transactions. Thus, for those who use cash or check, they receive a discount.