Wendy’s Causes Customers to Come Up Short

Consumers are familiar with the occasional delay in card processing. A customer will walk into a store or restaurant and purchase goods or services, thinking the amount they spend will automatically be drafted from their bank account or charged to their credit card. Sometimes these amounts take hours, or even days, to show up on their statement. While frustrating, cardholders have grown somewhat accustomed to this occurrence. Now imagine you purchase a quick fast-food meal, but you aren’t charged for it for months. You only had $10 left in your checking account until payday, and your $10.60 meal from April goes through in early July. What was once $10.60 is more like $50 thanks to overdraft fees. So, what happened to make a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger Meal so expensive?

Residents in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina were all affected by months-long transaction delays at Wendy’s restaurants across the state. Wendy’s corporate headquarters were aware of a 53-day transaction lag and stated that customers would not see charges. Two days after their statement, their credit card processing company updated Wendy’s that many customers were in fact charged in a lump-sum. Many customers called Wendy’s franchise locations individually but were referred to Wendy’s Corporate Customer Service.

Card processing companies are an integral part of running a business. Whether a restaurant is fast-food or an exclusive dinner hot spot, having a solid, secure, and efficient card processing company servicing your restaurant is an important part of balancing your books. It also keeps your customers from having issues with your business. Avoiding bad reviews is the name of the game, and with these issues, local diners will think twice about visiting a Wendy’s restaurant in the future.

Going broke over a quick lunch is usually not the expected outcome from a visit to Wendy’s. It is important as a consumer that you check your bank account and card statements regularly to make sure that your charges add up and your bottom-line balances out. With plastic overtaking cash as we finish out 2019, these major delays will become more common whether we like it or not. Being empowered as a consumer can help you stay alert and diligent when it comes to your money.